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蜻蛉-Tonbo- “Yellow Trance”

東京 渋谷を拠点に数多くの現場を渡り歩く蜻蛉-TONBO-がPsyche・Chill・Bassをテーマに作り上げた本作。
ゲストミャージャンとして、蜻蛉の盟友である三味線演奏家の東京月桃三味線と、岐阜の女性ボーカリスト=木歌が参加しており、ジャンルに囚われない新しい形のJapanese Beat Musicに仕上がっている。

This release, which was based on Tokyo Shibuya, TONBO (means Dragonfly in Japanese) that crosses the site and created Psyche · Chill · Bass as a theme.
Synth that makes Chillwave feel like a beat in front makes coloring the space, building a special music world.
As guest musician, the Shamisen (Japanese traditional string instrument ) player Tokyo Ghetto Shamisen and female vocalist Mocca from Gifu participate, and finished in a new form of Japanese Beat Music that is borderless genre.

Artist : 蜻蛉-Tonbo-
Title : Yellow Trance
Cat No. : PSYM-011
Format : Digital
Release Date : 2018/10/5
Artwork : RxBxT
Mastering Engineer : Koyas at Koyas Studio
Track List
1. Zipang feat 木歌
2. Gion feat 東京月桃三味線
3. Amata
4. Aiueo

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