Caliph8 Japan gig in Tokyo Support by 蜻蛉祭

Caliph8 Japan gig in Tokyo Support by 蜻蛉祭
at Debris Daikanyama
2019.11.30 sat
Open : 19:00 ~ 24:00
Music Charge : 1000yen


Kazuki Sekiyama

Caliph8 – Echo Location

Caliph8 – Jazztapositions

マニラ生まれのCaliph8、別名Arvin Noguerasは、新たな芸術的シンタックス(語法・表現)を探求し続ける、サウンドおよびビジュアルアーティストである。  

90年代後半からマニラのアートシーンにおいて継続的に活動し、 コラボレーターには、 
灰野敬二、DJ Sniff、Yuen Chee Wai、 Sin:Ned、大友良英、Nonplus、Roger Lopez、 Seido、 Teichmann Brothersや、 Malek Lopezなどが含まれる。

最近のプロジェクトには、 Jang Young-Gyu、 Raed Yassin、Asa Chang、およびArtyom Kimとの作曲・サウンドパフォーマンスがあり、 
韓国ACCミュージアム(2015年) Asian Music Networkフェスティバル(2017年)に参加している。  

Dub Temple Records(ブリスベン)、SVBKVLT(上海)、O-Rich(東京)などのレーベルでリリース。  
彼の最新公開作であるVertical Stackは、2017年にマニラを拠点とするレーベルNINE IRONよりカセットでリリースされた。

Manila-born Caliph8, aka Arvin Nogueras, is a sound and visual artist that explores the implications of merging, summing, and hybridization to create a new artistic syntax. In his compositions, he deploys sheets of polyrhythmic beats, one-note samples, and deconstructed cut & paste sound sequences.

Caliph8’s arsenal of methods also includes sample-based and granular synthesis, as well as free-form improvisation in which he combines sound manipulation techniques and samples with prepared gear or objects.

Nogueras has been continuously active within Manila’s visual and sound art scenes since the late 90s. His artistic collaborators include: Keiji Haino, dj sniff, Yuen Chee Wai, Sin:Ned, Otomo Yoshihide, Nonplus, Roger Lopez, Seido, Teichmann Brothers, and Malek Lopez, among others.

Recent projects include a composition and sound performance with Jang Young-Gyu, Raed Yassin, Asa Chang, and Artyom Kim called Vanishing Voices at the ACC Museum in South Korea (2015) and participation in the 2017 Asian Music Network festival. During José Maceda’s centenary celebration and exhibition at the Cultural Centre of the Philippines in Manila this past year, Nogueras was tasked by the University of the Philippines Ethnomusicology Department to interpret Accordion&Mandolin, a piece for 19 instruments that Maceda wrote shortly before his death, but never premiered.

Nogueras has released on labels such as Dub Temple Records (Brisbane), SVBKVLT (Shanghai), and O-Rich (Tokyo). His latest release, Vertical Stack, came out on cassette for Manila-based label NINE IRON in 2017.